Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The BIG deal about getting married..

Being off age and obviously being surrounded by people of the similar age bracket, a lot of my friends/ relatives are getting fixed for marriage. And man, the moment they realize that soon the knot will be tied, they begin to behave strangely. Here are a few examples of the temporary lapse of mental abilities I’ve noticed in people:

- A friend of mine began drinking every evening and smoking heavily. Once upon a time, he was a sane fellow and resorted to stuff once in a while.

- This girl friend I have did smoke earlier on but quit. She said that soon she’ll be married and have a family and smoking would not be good for it all and I so respected her for behaving so mature. A month ago she got fixed and since then has been smoking everyday, says soon she’ll be married and won’t be able to do it anymore. What was the point quitting anyways??

- Another relative who’ll soon be in-the-loop is an example I must put here. During college, this bloke was into smoking, drinking, wrong company and ate non vegetarian food, infact loved it (I DO NOT see any harm in that, so all the carnivores, no offense intended, just read on!!). Then he suddenly grew up when he moved out of town (another classic, people “get into” such stuff after leaving home) and quit everything to the point of stop eating even egg. He got into yoga, meditation, even fasting once a week. To present: he’s slowly getting back to it all!!

I’ve begun to wonder what actually does happen to people?? Are they happy/ sad or scared of the prospect and if any of the latter two, why go for it until you aren’t ready… I’ve heard that the prospect of losing their freedom freaks them out and if I begin to think on those lines, I wouldn’t get married ever because not being free scares the shit out of me. I wonder does it actually happen that you get bound post marriage or does it become a taboo to have fun?

But the question that on top of my mind is : “Will I too become paranoid and indulge into idiotic things when it happens to me??


akanksha said...

this is strange.....but sure the thought of getting married brings butterflies to my stomach too:(

the thought of losing the freedom u are so used to of is sure something to think about but reacting in this maner is insane....but who knows...stress makes u do strange things!!!

♥busy_writer♥ said...

hmm lol.

I promise not to act this insanely-weird-un-understandably-stupid when I get married.


i hate smoking anyway. conveinient enough too :P

sangfroid said...

This is indeed strange actually ... way too strange!
My circle of friends have remained the same, read sane ... just before/after marriage.

You are absolutely right when u say - "why go for it until you aren’t ready" - these extreme behaviors would not surface if one is 'ready'.

What is meant by 'being ready' is another can of worms. :-D

Sreejith said...

the loss of freedom you mention is too nerve wracking. but i wonder why does one have to lose freedom when they get married? the bare minimum that people should do when they get married is to acknowledge their differences!

zahid said...

Therez one frend of mine.....who has neglected every other fren before gettin married !!! (luv marige u see!!! ) But...dunno what to speak.....I think i will be normal(though excited) but hmmm,,Yeah therez no big deal, there mustnt be !!!

chk me up!!

Sam said...

Akanksha, Hey, good to have you back.. :) Indeed, stress makes you do strange things!! :)

Busy Writer, I know you wouldn't sweetie.. ;)

Sangfroid, Sane people you got there, they seem to be "prepared" to take the plunge.. :)
That "can of worms" comparison is way too much..don't think I'll want to get into it if I consider your comparison.

Sreejith, That's precisely what I maent, you can't lose your individuality just because you got married.. and as you said, adjusting and adopting go a long way!! :)

Zahid, Yeh, thats the nomal reaction, ignoring the whole world.. and I think "it is" a big deal but not to the extent of going all bonkers.. :)

Sam said...

no matter how much we try to nuderstand that phase is gonna be real difficult... cause we simply aren't the ones geting married!!
so till we experience it first hand there's no way of finding out what happens.......
blimey come to think of it... mera number bhi shaayad aane wala hai!!

Sam said...

Sam, Its funny sharing your blog name with someone else.. ;)
Guess what you say is true,you gotta be in the sitiuation before you begin to pass judgements!!
Btw, went through your blog and realised that you are but 24,getting married that young, you sure know what you want dude!! :)

ani said...

agree wit sangfroid's 'can of worms!'

my case is being taken these days! Daddy dearest calls at least once a day to ask me wen i plan to get hitched n my answer sends disappointing ripples down his spine! Relatives ive never heard of have started sending in 'rishtas' and my only answer is 'bachaaaaaaaaaoooooooo!' :D

runnin frm it like crazy!!!

Sam said...

Ani, I know what you are talking about but luckily my case is different..No pressure, nothing, the hunt is on but thats about it!! Cool no?? ;)

Pointblank said...

Glad to know tat m not in this alone. NO! NO! m not getting married any soon. Neither m I revisiting my strange habits. But thot of tying the knot freaks me out!

J said...

Lol!! The things people do and getting hitched seems like the perfect reason.

Sam said...

Pointblank, No you definately aren't alone in this, there are tons of us..And I know how you feel, being on the verge of tying the knot and NOT doing funny things makes sense.. ;)

J, Well said!! ;)