Thursday, November 15, 2007


- 7:00 am every morning: The alarm buzzes and I get up from my warm bed, put it off and go back to sleep…

- 8:00 am: The maid knocks the door; I open it and crawl back into my bed for that 5 minute, ever precious sleep.

- 8:10 am: I get up with a jolt, realize that those five minutes have stretched upto ten and I really really need to rush to be in the office at 9:00 am.

- 8:55 am: 5 minutes to go and am tying my shoe laces, shoving my breakfast of fruit into a paper bag and giving instructions to my maid, all simultaneously!!

- 9:00 am: Am in my car and driving like a woman possessed who’s trying to break some kind of record of commuting from DLF to the Bata building, with the heavy morning traffic and the metro work in progress, in 7 minutes flat. And yay!! I do it every time…

- 8:30 pm: Am still at work and trying to figure out how would I ever manage to buy that pair of jeans I so desperately need (have been wearing this one for almost two weeks now, with one in laundry and the other one LOST!! plus umpteen whose fit I don’t like anymore... sigh...)

- 8:35 pm: Realise that I just have to get that jeans, it’s a question of life and death now and I simply cannot wear this anymore. Again my drive takes me to the malls.

- 8:45 pm: Am soo lucky!! The Levis store is open and I manage to grab a pair only to realize that I fit into one size larger than the one am wearing. Hell freezes and I complain to the salesman; he gives me crap like it’s a slim fit and hence the size variation. Although its some consolation but then, what crap!! Give me the fit I already wear but phuleese make me fit into the previous size… I decide to go on a diet. Period.

-9:15 pm: My flatmate joins me and we happily go to the food court and hog on the oohhh so delicious pasta.

Back to point 1: Did any of you try wondering why the hell do I set my alarm for 7.00 am everyday when I have to get up only after 8:00?? Well, every single evening, post dinner I realize how much weight I’ve put on and pledge to go for a run in the morning. But then those sleep devils coax me into that just-a-five-minute sleep and I happily give in to the temptation: yet again!!


Sangfroid said...

u cud have omitted the 'mad' :-D

that 5-minute temptation is so damn hard to resist ... especially in winters. nonetheless, keep tryin.
all the best!!

Sam said...

@sangfroid: Edited it!! :)
Yeh, inspite of writing this post I haven't given up..the efforts continue..Thanks!! ;)

sangfroid said...

hehe ... u actually removed both 'mad' n 'crazy' :-P

does this convey that these are implicit :-)))

Adi Crazy said...


getting up at 8:10 and office at 9?

*cant stop laughing*

My office is at 10 so I get up at 9...which is better that you Sam, I'm so proud of me today and I'm going to forward this link to my colleagues who think I m the only one!!! lol

Sam said...

@Sangfroid:Nah..realised that there was too much of "mad" happening..its still there at one place though!! ;)

@Adi crazy: Yeh, thats me!! ;)
And where do you work, I mean office at 10!! Tell me, tell there any vacancy for a footwear designer/ mechandiser?? ;)

umangexuberance said...

lolzzz...all i'll say is welcome to the club
i guess we all do this :D
its a nice blog u have here :)

♥busy_writer♥ said...

hahaha.. lol.
btw, im worse, 8:20 is school time, i wake up at 7:50!


hehe, drives my mum crazy.
all so hassled mornins! :D

btw, blogrollin u!

Sam said...

Umangexuberence, Yeh I know, it takes all your will power at times to "rise and shine"!! ;)

Busy writer, I kow, school was even worse and mine started at 7:15, can you believe that..thanks God am done with it!! Pheww.. ;)

Adi Crazy said... at 10. And I think it should have been from 12noon onwards...but then also, come to think of it, I wud have to get up at 11am?? aww...bad!! Why r we so sleepy? I am a night person I guess...

lol...I'm in an Ad Agency. How about changing your field? (wink)

aparna said...

very cute!

Sam said...

Adi, ohh..I've so always wanted to work in advertising, infcat even tried to do my PG in graphics but the stupid U.S people dint grant me my Visa!! :( And am a night person too..totally!! ;)

Aparna, Thanks! :)

Shraddha Manvi said...

Liked this post and I could completely relate to it. of my deadly sins! ;)