Thursday, November 01, 2007

My feel good factors.

- Reading a good book with a hot chai during rains.
- Driving back home from work after a particulary hectic day...good music, empty roads.
- Hanging out with friends and laughing your lungs out for no apparent reason.
- Having a heart to heart with an old friend after a long time.
- My family laughing at the of stupidest jokes I crack...
- Eating good food at a nice, quiet place, surrounded by people you want to be with.
- Feeling the sun on your face on a cold, winter morning..
- The spitter splatter of rains...
- Being nasty and getting away with things that my male friends can't, just by giving your best smile.
- Those very brief crushes..
- Getting up in the morning, being all ready for work and then bunking it, just for a two hour sleep!!
- Watching my niece and nephews grow up.
- Coming across an old mail, note with memories attached to them..
- Getting goose bumps on watching a very romantic movie.
- Discussing good old college days.
- Freedom...


MeMyself_n_I said...

i loved, absolutely loved this post. cheered me up no end. :-)

MeMyself_n_I said...

incidentally, you've been tagged.

Jeevy said...

haha! true!
those brief crushes!

peace & love

Sangfroid said...

yup ... very true!

been long since i read a book .. sigh.

btw, how brief has ur brief-est crush been ... just curious ;-)

bluecoffeemug said...

"Getting up in the morning, being all ready for work and then bunking it, just for a two hour sleep!!" ::: I feel like doing this every damn morning... good funny post ;)

Sam said...

memyself_n_i@ Thanks sweetie!! :)

@jeevey: Yep..those brief crushes..sigh!! ;)

@sangfroid: Hmmm..not read a book..sad!!
...At times till that guy opened his mouth to speak!! ;)

@bluecoffeemug: I know..I wish I could too!! :D

Sreejith said...

the 'freedom' sounds like mel gibson in Braveheart :D nice list you got here.. should be a lot longer though :)

Sam said...

@sreejith: Nah..thats too much of a just feels nice to be free and no one to nag you 24X7!! ;)
Yeh, it is but these were the first few things that came to my mind..

Shraddha Manvi said...

That is such a lovely list! :)