Wednesday, March 19, 2008


It began with the evening day before. I was in the office till about 8:40 pm when the meeting got over and I was asked to display my shoeline before leaving. My presentation was to take place the next day but being a little too tired, I left the arrangement mid way and headed for home. That particular day had turned out to be a bit grueling, thanks to my colleague throwing attitude for no apparent reason.

Next day was doomsday, the meeting began at 8:45 am as decided and obviously I reached late at about 9:10am due to the heavy traffic. My boss was fuming and I got a blasting before eight senior people, which needless to say was extremely embarrassing. I then goofed it up even further by forgetting all the sales figures am supposed to remember and things got from bad to worse. All the efforts that I’d been putting in all this while and the evident results had all been overlooked. I don’t know how I controlled myself from running out of the conference room at that moment. Icing on the cake was being invited (rather ordered) for the lunch and then being totally ripped apart.

The situation is still pretty grim: my colleague is in his prolonged state of insanity, my super boss believes that I am apparently not serious about my work and the top sales team assumes that am a fool for I forgot everything..

When will things get better??


Sunil said...

When the things go wrong....don't go with them.
At times life is a big mess. Give yourself some time & then sort out the things which are heading the wrong way.

Everything will be all right. :)

burf said...

persistence pays... in long run

ani said...

chin up sweets! its just a spell!

look into the mirror n promise to smile.. thy day will be set rite! :)

~ biiiig hugsy!

anav said...

Murph's Law at work here dear...don't worry u know ur the best..a good break n ul be back in the game:)

Impressionist said...

Well, now thats what I wud call A Truly FUCKED UP day!
I hope it all turns out fine for u lady! Dont worry


J said...

All in a day's work. How about a few beers to unwind the stress? ;)

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

i'll 2nd J... its just a phase and things will get better... but beer will take the edge off...

Sam said...

Sunil, I so wish that it does..

Burf, Yeh, everybody tells me so and am trying to believe it..

Ani, Dunno about anything else but your comment certainly made me.. thanks sweetie.. :)

Anav, Hope floats!! :)

Impressionist, It totally was and the fuck up is lingers on..

J, Yeh, guess so but I can't afford any such incidents, my appraisal is just around the corner..and liquer and me don't go well together!! :(

Bubbles, I know sweetie, although this time am waiting for a miracle to happen!! :P

Shruti said...

oh dear.. what happened to you? :( But hey.. let's pray things get better from here.. this hasn't happened before na :-S Good luck to u!