Monday, March 10, 2008

Uncluttering the clutter..

Past few days have seen me cleaning spaces: literally!! I’ve cleared my cupboard, my shoe rack, my dresser, the kitchen shelves, the refrigerator, my email and cellphone inbox(s), my desktop, my feelings, thoughts, everything I could think off.. I carefully sorted out stuff, piled them into wanted, maybe and to be discarded slots and made my decisions.

The earlier ones were easy, rather welcome. It was a long weekend and I hate doing nothing so cleaning up the place was a pleasant chore. However, soon it was all done, things at home were spick and span and I found myself thinking about those mixed emotions, that inner turmoil I ignore as much as I can, the feelings I don’t admit even to myself…

All the cleaning and organizing had left me content and motivated to go on and so I took up the challenge to clear my thoughts. I contemplated on the people I’d clung on to, the people whom I called my friends but hadn’t spoken to them since ages, the people who cared so much about me without bothering if I reciprocated; I let the first ones go, decided upon the second one and began respecting the last ones..

I relived memories (all good ones because I think only the nicer ones have the ability to make you feel sad, the bad ones provoke anger) and let them pass too..

I emptied the mess in my head and now I feel exhilarated like never before.


burf said...

weekend update... what did i do?

ani said...

:))) congratulations!!!

Sangfroid said...

way to go gal :-)

a lil introspection every now n then does a lot of gud!

J said...

Do we really unclutter the head or do we just brush it all under a carpet??

Impressionist said...

wow! I wish i could do that! :P
cleaning up my head!:P
but then there is absolutel nothing in there! ;) hehe! :D


Sam said...

Burf, Yeh what did you do??

Ani, Lolss..thanks sweetie!! :D

Sangfroid, Rito!! :)

J, Now now, I'm not answering that one!! :P

Impressionist, Hahaa..Lucky you!! ;)

Sunil Parashar said...

At times the things get piled up in our daily life(including head) & we need to shed the load off.

A very impressive blog I must admit.

Happy Blogging. :)

Solitaire said...

Good! Now let's keep it that way!

Pointblank said...

Whao! I love the way u organized ur thots. Actually I do it all the time. But then it gets more messed up :)

but yeah, ur rite - nice thots make u sad. the bad ones make u angry.

aparna said...

Funny, how the definition of 'space' has changed over the years. If we didn't have the 'cyber' or the 'cellular' would the 'physical and mental' been encroached lesser?

Life has become faster and more complicated- we need simplicity. and that is something which will happen only at our discretion.

Impressionist said...

U think im lucky!
DANG! maybe I shud let my dad know about this! :D
I wonder what he wud say when i tell him that havin a empty head is a good thing! :P


Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

haha... so true... i clean up my spaces once a month... and all the clutter thats on my mind goes with it...

Sam said...

Sunil, I know, its a neccessity!! :) And thanks btw..

Solitaire, Will try.. :)

Aparna, Ah, thats some food for thought!! I guess we can take it the other way round too, we shed a lot of our burden by talking and sharing and cell phones and internet are the key mediums for the same..

Impressionist, Lols.. Try telling your Dad and let me know what he says.. the reply should be fun!! ;)

Bubbles, Wise people think alike!! :D

Mansi Trivedi said...

Pretty awesome :D
I have to clean my work desk SOON before I down in the papers..hehe

Impressionist said...

omg! what kina friend are u?
were u even serious when u said that?
dang! U love it when im in deep shit! dont U?
I wouldnt be sitting here and replying to ur comment if i had told me dad bout that empty head thingy!


Anonymous said...

Nahaya nai.. ??

Sam said...

Mansi, Do that!! :)

Impressionist, Hahhaa..don't be a spoil sport, just try talking to your Dad, am sure he'll understand!! ;)

Anon, NOPE!!! ;)

manisha said...

yeah uncluttering d clutter does exhilarate u!!!

p.s. visit me!! :)