Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Through the mind's eye..

As indicated in my previous post, boredom has captured my life and inspite of my many efforts to get over it, I’ve failed miserably. This boredom has led me to visualize places I’d like to go to, mostly those the ones I’ve read in books..

-Paris: It’s considered the most romantic city of the world. The museums like Louvre,the Churches lend to the city a certain charm and mystery, especially intensified by Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. And then its got that dream like flavour to it, lent by the painters, musicians, the architecture, I can go on..
-Egypt: Pyramids, mummies, architecture, grandeur, mystery, need I say more!!
-Kerala: “God’s own country”, how aptly said.
-Vegas: The glamour, the larger than life image, the blinding lights, the sheer richness and opulence!! I once want to have enough money to be able to blow it off at the best casino there and hopefully not regret it too.
-Russia: For reasons unfathomable to even me, but as somebody tried reasoning my own reason, romance perhaps. I got enchanted by that place after reading Ayn Rand’s We the Living.
-Bahamas: The three S’s..
-Morocco: There’s a certain royalty about that place, a cultural heritage and that enigma factor, something that most of the Islamic cities have. Plus, I like the way its pronounced..
-Ladakh: The hills, the clear blue skies and lakes, the serenity, the air that is so fresh and cold that it hurts when you breathe, the subdued paleness where one colour blends into the other, like a water painting, the whiteness so stark that you have to shut your eyes.. No I’ve not been there, not yet!!
-Tibet: Buddhism inspires me, rather fascinates me even though I do not know much about it.
-Australia: Gotta see the coral reef and witness the Opera once in my lifetime.

These are the places I’ve heard about, read about, wondered of but am sure there’d be a zillion others that though do not have the discovery or enigma factor I look for in a place, they’d be a wonder just for the beauty, the peace, the ones am still to learn of and add to the list.


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

when i'm bored, i visualise a lonely island. and me stayin there all alone...happy.
lol..quite ironical and weird come to think of it!
las vegas....dreamy sigh.

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

paris... egypt... kerala... desperate to go... been to tibet before all this political upheaval started... and frankly - the place to be if you want to find yourself... :)

Red Ginger said...

lovely post sam.. du usually write such nice posts when u r bored ? :)

sometime back Travel & Living had ranked 20 best cities in the world for travellers.. i think Barcelona was rated No.1

i wud want to visit an active volcano someday!!

burf said...

there are places more beautiful than you can imagine and still don't have popular names for e.g. koh samui in thailand, french polynesia and the list can go on...

Sangfroid said...


Of the 10 places u've mentioned, I've been to 2 and the 3rd is bout to happen :-)

n ur right, there are undoubtedly a zillion more ... wer r u heading to first ? do it soon ... global warming will steal d charm soon :-P

Anonymous said...

Visit ladakh! visit ladakh!. Me dads in the army, so i got to see the best of it. And im telling you. its true paradise. get to ladakh 1 get to ladakh! screw paris, its full of gay men with bad dressing sense. And too many lights which completely destroy the concept of a "quiet 'night' out". but thats my typical not-so-thotful thinking. :P


J said...

You on the right track... dream and then make it happen ;)

Sam said...

Busy Writer, Ditto..Vegas..dreamy sigh. ;)

Bubbles, You've been to Tibet!! :( Am sooo jealous... :P

Red, :D I didn't know that Barcelona was so highly ranked!! And watching an active volcano is interesting.. ;)

Burf, I know!! :)

Sangfroid, Ohh..where all have you been?? And suddenly after reading your comment and seeing the unpridictable weather in NCR/Delhi, am in a rush to go!! :D

Upec, Lol!! You're damn lucky to have been to Ladakh.. About Paris, probably what you say is true, but I still want to go there for altogether different reasons..

J, :D :D

rantravereflect said...

egypt,paris,new zealand, timbaktoo- most definitely--->
wish i'd money, i'd buy a backpack, n keep travellin n writin:)
wud be soooo awesum!

tats teh only reason i'm such an avid fan of travel n livin- it really isssss sooooo much fun!!!!!

wen ya're bored, n ya're at how, watch this chanenl- it really does take ya around teh world from ya livin room!

n wen we have teh money, lezz backpack!!!

Kenny said...

That's one helluva list...though the end part makes compete sense, there might be a zillion more places, is pretty tough to narrow it out. But it's a great start. ;)

Kenny said...

Btw u've been sure u must get that a lot but still.... :)

geet said...

now the list is there... get on girl...i will give u a start.. ladaakh/kerala... :)..dont let this time go !!!you need to catch many things :)

Sangfroid said...

#3 and #4 !
#8 on the cards ... wish me luck :-)

Sam said...

Rant, I dream about it evryday!! ;)

Kenny, :D :D Nah, am not asked that question that frequently, apparently you misjudged my popularity level!! ;)

Geet, I know sweetie, and am dieing to get started!! :D

Sangfroid, Dude, you've been to Vegas?? WOW!! And Ladakh will happen soon, though I remember you telling me about that need of a pillion.. your search still on?? ;)

Sangfroid said...

the search for the pillion was sabotaged :-P

but i may consider some late entrants ;-)

Sam said...

Well, that's mighty generous of you!! ;)