Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The days are a reflection of each other, one days passes and the next approaches but when you think about the past, its all a blur, simple succession, just a conversion of minutes into hours and hours into days. Sometimes it feels like that lull before the storm or being the eternal optimist that I am, autumn before spring. The excitement, that surprise element seems to have evaporated out of life and the only piece of conversation I have is how bitchy the other flat mate of mine is. I don’t even feel happy about spending those two hours at Landmark the other day, a treat I gave myself when I was totally outraged with life.

The worst part is, earlier I use to read books/blogs and get inspired by them to write something of my own, I had so much to share that ideas buzzed in my head. Now the condition is entirely opposite, there is happiness in my voice, but a hint of boredom too, the smile on my face is accompanied by a lameness of expression and if this trend continues, I’ll lose all my friends- they’d be shit bored being with me.

Currently, am bored of all the things I love: books, people, sarcasm.


anav said...

That y u need gossip...something u can never be bored of :)...but believe me its just a phase and wont last long. Also, may be its a signal that time to move on and to seek out something new that interests you

J said...

Taking a break from the routine might help?

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

expecting a post completely contradicting this soon! :D I know you knw this, but i'll repeat again, tis a phase, will pass soon. and thankfully, such phases pass extremely soon. dont give in and smile now. :D :)

geet said...

oye.. i miss landmark :). babe now is the time to get that tattoo done when u dont like the regular things do something which is crazy and u never thought of.. like tattoo or an alone trip to munnar(ok ,this was boring)..or join a salsa class or.. you will do fine !!!

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

take a break. you earned it, i think... and i kind of agree with geet. there's only so much that you can think about something that you want. that tattoo doesnt seem like a bad idea...

geet said...

exactly bubbles..sam,this time dont plan it ..but just do it. book the tickets and then plan how to pack and live there or schedule an appointment with tattoo thingy and then plan how to bear the pain ;-).
just give a try.. you are already bored ,am sure this wont be worst than tht !!!

Shruti said...

Its just a phase.. let's not it isn't too long.. and don't worry, the friends won't leave :)

Sam said...

Anav, I know its just a phase, but its irritating till it lasts.. And not getting into gossiping for sure!! :P

J,On the cards!! :D

Busy Writer, Am keeping my fingers crossed!! Thanks sweetie.. :)

Geet, Now that tattoo again seems exciting!! :)And I've been to Munnar, its an awesome place, though its been quite commercialised.. :( and I think I'll do fine (loads of hugs!!) :D

Bubbles, Am taking a break, as soon as I can!! :) and then let you know allll about it.. ;)

Geet, I know how these impromptu trips work much better than those pre planned ones..Will keep you updated with any developments.. :)

Shruti, Aww..thanks sweetie, I know they won't leave, I won't let them!! ;)

wacko said...

a person who likes sarcasm can never be bored of people. Books, on the other hand can always entertain you time and while. ;)

think bout it, and gimme a hell yeah!


Solitaire said...

Nothing wrong with boredom!!
Its been such a long time since you and I visited each other..maybe that's why. ;)

Jokes apart, come to Short and Sweet.
There is a fun activity going on there right now..guaranteed to kill your boredom!

not an ad for my own blog said...

ur not alone...

Anonymous said...

You very well know that this PHASE of yours will not last long... so samo don't fret.

five_silver_rings said...

Hmm... like everyone said hon, it's just a phase. Boredom is perpetual, only till you want it to be.

Try something exciting for a change. Go on a trip, if you have to. Or just try to explore yourself, and your own capabilities. You'll find your niche.

Sangfroid said...

"subeh hui shaam hui, zindagi yun hi tamaam hui" just kidding!

a vacation wud help. also cultivating a new hobby or maybe reviving an old one wud do good :-)

"Boredom seeps in quickly, attention spans are reducing" as observed by Saint Sangfroid on the youth of today.

Sam said...

Wacko, Yes sir, will think about it.. :D

Solitaire, Bet you are right!! :D But I keep visiting your blog though don't comment that often, I promised I would.. ;) And Short and Sweet it is, will visit soon.. :D

Not an ad, I know!! :)

Anon, Yeah, hope so!!;)

Five Silver Rings, I know, and hopefully I'll soon be out of it.. thanks nontheless!! :)

Sangfroid,Again I repeat, why do your comments make so much sense?? ;) And I got my own parameters while taking a vacation or persuing a hobby is concerned, my stupid job being for one.. :(
And "Saint Sangfroid", what you say is utterly nad totally true.. :D

Sangfroid said...

umm.. that could be coz m a saint :-P :-)

Adi Crazy said...

"The worst part is, earlier I use to read books/blogs and get inspired ...... Now the condition is entirely opposite.." Damn! Is this my story??? I am so fucking bored of everything that I dont know what to do. Nothing inspires me to write or even read!!! This will suck my life out I'm telling you. And to top it all, it is raining in Gurgaon...rainy day get me depressed, i recently found out. And there is nothing to do except work..grrrr....let me know what teps are you planing to take so that I can follow you without having to think myself. Sigh.

Adi Crazy said...

Waise, i am thinking to join a kick boxing class in gurgaon itself...lemmi know if you are interested. We can kick and punch ppl then. :)

Also, at the same place (near Galleria) there is a salsa/jive class as well at convenient time. So lemmi know sweeti. Take Care!

upecmustang said...

get married :P...just kidding, really
What you need, is change. Loads of it. Just step out and do something radical. Do something stupid and reckless....get involved in something stupid. I kno this sounds crazy but it helps break the monotony. i was undergoing something similar once, and i planned a sneak trip to another city with four other guys. and we had so much fun (tho it costed like hell)
best part was...that none of our parents knew about it. we'were supposed to be studyin at our hostel and one fine day we just took off!
try something stupid. its awesome!


ps. please take off the word verification...its rather ummm...irritating..??? i dunno is thats a word...but i dont like it!!!!

Sam said...

Sangfroid, Huh-huh..right!! ;)

Adi, Gosh, ditto ditto ditto.. rains make me feel so gloomy and depressed!! :( I like the colours, the weather but they fail to brighten me up the way sunshine does..
And I know about the Thai Kick boxing thingy, its in Grand Mall and when I got to know about it, I got all excited and went to find out about it.. Apparently they close after 8 and I am never able to leave office before 7:30!! :( So dropped the idea.. Salsa/jive are not my bout swimming?? Got any places in mind??

Sam said...

Upec, Why do people come up with the lamest of suggesstions to get married, just because you are bored and then have children because your marriage is boring and then what??
About going out randomly, I can't be leaving my office, paapi pet ka sawaal hai!! ;)But what you did was totally awesome, I've done it too while in college, am beyond it now.. :(

Anonymous said...

Mil jayegi dost. Par bina "nani" dilaye tu nikli to teri khair nahin.

Bhut banke teri jaan leleunga main. :)

Adi Crazy said...

Noooo...the one I'm talking about is behind galleria, phase-4. Has 3 classes a week, decent fee and timings are morning (my only discomfort but i guess i'll manage)
ANd it is damn good. They have kick boxing, yoga and dance. Swimming? wow, you came to the right person honey, my roomie has just joined a very cooooool swimming thingy in South City - 1 mornng and evening. Lemmi know in case u interested. :)

Sam said... know, I quite like the idea of kick boxing in the morning..I had no clue about that place. Lets go for the kick boxing thing, what say??