Friday, May 30, 2008

Of venting it out..

I was intending to write about something else, about how I like to watch the just arrived baby pigeons that look like little fur balls in the nest on my bathroom ventilator. About how I am obsessed with hands and feet of people, probably them being one of the first things I notice about anyone, the bone structure, the length of palm versus the fingers, the neat or cluttered lines that run across it, the nails, their shape, everything, and how I click them more than the faces whenever am doing that bit of photography..

But now am going to ramble about my work. Lets be honest, am not great at what am doing currently, neither do I enjoy it half as much as I did designing but am learning, giving my best shot and trying to get there. The annual increment was depressing, although I hadn’t expected even that much but then what the heck, am human and humans compare and when I did compare with my colleagues, I felt like crap.

Adding on to the brunt, I unfortunately told the exact figures to someone!! The calculations begun, the increment against the inflation rate and then my consequential increase in purchasing power.. That sucked big time!! I mean its alright to be totally practical but at that moment I didn’t need that, I wanted a friend who could tell me that money was shit and that it didn’t matter and like my Dad always says, I don’t work for money, I work to keep myself occupied, I work because I love to do what I do and primarily I work to achieve my ultimate goal (and am not revealing that one!!). The discussion kinda hurt my dignity and probably later I’d realize the importance of this reality check, but not now.

Anyways, the only consolation is that on the whole my account shows a very good figure and I’ll be buying myself that IPod Shuffle I’ve been waiting for!!

P.S: Am damn tempted to post my salary slip and ask for comments but I know I'll regret it later on so I shall refrain!!


J said...

I can't help but smile at this.. Guess we've spoke enough about it.

Shuffle is a good buy.. now you make me think.. probably it's time I picked up something too to celebrate the peanuts I got.

wacko said...

life's a bitch for sure but it aint always hang on tight! you will surely get what you deserve.


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

I had a picta of my feet as my orkut dp for like a year. ;)

Everyone gets what they really deserve in the end. Its one of the laws. You day'll come soon. :)

Ipod shuffle, I've been wanting it singe ages too! My mum read an article bout how those earphones are harmful blah blah.. and ever since then, the ipod discussion is closed. :|

Sangfroid said...

:-) Cmon, u nvr posted ur pic ... at least show us ur payslip :-P

shuffle ... wow!

Solitaire said...

Remember..never ever tell your salary to anyone!!!

And why shuffle? Accha waala buy karo!

ani said...

Old Saying: "The only purpose of your life is to earn more beer money!" and since its the hard liquor that's getting a price hike and not beer so u successfully managed to achieve ur purpose! ;)

so smile darling!

Adi Crazy said...

Sam Darling, money is important but you should know when to hang ona nd when to walk away. If your job is real good, hang on and you'll get what you deserve. But (coughs) in case the job sucks...walk off. Mental peace is most important. iPod Shuffle? wow!

Update: I have joine a gym, only to use the tread mill because if you are a girl, you cannot run on the roads of gurgaon for a jog. Right? lol

Sam said...

J, I know, we have!! :) And use those peanuts, they'll make you feel better, retail therapy always works for me!! ;)

Wacko, :D I know..

Busy Writer, :) Isn't it wonderful to observe hands and feet, they say so much about you!! Buy that shuffle, and make me speak to your mom, I have great convincing powers.. :D

Sangfroid, Yeh right!! :P

Solitaire, Yeh, learnt my lesson!! :( Am not too vcrazy about music, shuffle suits me fine hence.. :)

Ani,:D :) You are the best!! :*

Adi, I know what you mean but wht am doing now is important for my future though I don't particulary liek it so I guess I gotta hold on!!
Which gym did you join?? And I do walk everyday in Gurgaon, its all been cool so far!! :)

ani said...

~ blush blush ~

Solitaire said...

Update your blog roll please.
I now live on Short and Sweet :)

J said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppyyyy B'day Sammy.

Hope I won't be shot for my loud mouth :D

Have a blast!!

And now you officially owe me a pitcher of beer.

Sangfroid said...

Hey B'day gurl :-)

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day. Ynjoy the day n have a great year :-)


rantravereflect said...

heeeeeee :)
i'd ve loved teh see teh payslip ;)
i dun think ya'll regret it babeeee :)

we'll tell ya how lucky ya are!! n ya who caresabt practicality!!i mean i hate peopel dissecting salaries liek it were theie business- this is where ya need romaticz liek meee :)heeee

the biggest thing we're paid for is for doing things we really dun wanna doooo- n sooo yehhh ya deserve tat increment n more :)

rantravereflect said...

n abt ya obsession with hands n feet- heeeee nowi know why i despo need a manicure n pedicure ;)

geet said...

ipod liya ki nahin??? btw i m planning to buy an iphone :P...

babes salary problem is with many ppl i knw including me.. and with the recession coming,its better to think for sometime 'i dont work for money' ;0...

me likes money and the shoes,dresses,accessories that can come through it...ohh the movies in theater :P...

take care :)

Jyoti said...

wealth satisfaction ends where you want. I admire your dad's view, great at what he said.

Sam said...

Ani, :D

Solitaire, Kaun sa??

J, Anytime!! ;)

Sangfroid, Thanks.. :)

Rant, Nah, I'll let that pay slip thing pass..

Geet, Abhi nahi liya, got more important avenues to spend for now!! :)

Jyoti, That makes two of us.. :)