Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When the fat lady cried..

After a lot of deliberations, it was decided that I would be joining my parents from Delhi to Muzzafarnagar (where my cousin’s wedding had to take place) with a friend of hers in her car. The route being slightly unsafe, we were to go to Noida to my cousin’s Mamaji’s and all the cars would move ahead together.

Muzzafarnagar is a small place with virtually no beauty saloons, I was to take the make-up artists from Delhi, which I did. I picked up these two people in my car, drove down to Sainik Farms and with the friend, to Noida. Even after reaching there on time, we were only able to begin the actual journey at 12:30 by which I was totally bugged, with a bad headache as I’d missed my morning tea (some addiction I have). Anyways, we reached safely by the evening by which I had lost my patience completely.

Chit-chatted a bit with everyone and then the bride-to-be began to get ready. I too started after an hour and a half and after the make-up and jewelry bit realized that the saree kinda thing (actually a readymade saree where you just have to slip into it like a skirt and then drape the pallu) was tight from my waist. Apparently, my contribution to my clothes limited to the extent of giving measurements and the boutique person made it as per my waist size rather than slightly below it. So for one, I had to wear it like really high, which on wearing heels looked even more short and adding to the agony, it was mildly crushed, to which there was no solution again. Now all of you must realize that I was very important at this wedding due to my singular status and I “had” to look good.

After a lot of tantrums, fights and crying before my Mom and my sisters (I dunno how and why they tolerate me at all), I managed to look quite nice and leaving the makeup artists in the hotel itself as they were to leave for Delhi the very night, we left for the venue. On reaching, I got a call from them that the cab hadn’t arrived and a commotion began. It was my responsibility to get them back and virtually after two hours of struggle, we managed to get them dropped (a different post on that fiasco later).

Ultimately the wedding was a lot of fun: I did manage to carry the saree quite gracefully, a feat in itself and got complimented too; the juta churai (shoe stealing ceremony) was a piece of cake and my brother-in-law gave me a ring for it (imagine getting an award for stealing stuff).

What I loved the most was the tata scene that all thanks to the now-bride went off without the usual crying. She’s one strong-willed person and said that she’d rather say her byes happily than going off crying. So that’s how the wedding ended, with lots of love, happiness, fun, family and laughter, the way it should have!!.


Kenny said...

You know, i think that is how it works at the most of the weddings...u have those little moments of panic amidst the chaos but looking at the bigger picture, it's all hell lotta fun!!

U got a ring?? now that's really cool!! ;)

~ ॐ ~ said...

Readymade Saari !!!!!

now that heights !!!

I doubt how many women these days know how to tie a sari, and with these ready made ones, the art is going to be lost. Pretty soon I am sure !!!

Sangfroid said...


readymade saree :-O never knew bout its existence!

whoz the fat lady ?

J said...

:O You call your cousin a fat lady??? :OOOOOO

Kenny said...

The cousin didn't that wouldn't be the FAT who'd that be??

Solitaire said...

Can we see a picture?

Impressionist said...

u get ready made saris too??


Adi Crazy said...

Hahaha...readymade saari!!
Where are the pictures Girl?

Man, I love these lil' moments like this - marriages, big stage shows, interviews - all have such moments that are unforgettable.

Anonymous said...

this readymade saree thing is too much to fathom!

ani said...

hey?!! anybody home??!!

Shruti said...

u'r calling urself a fat lady? Dont!
A ring for for being good at stealing.. heh heh.. cool! :P

Pointblank said...

missed a lotta ur posts... now went back n read them! love dthem all :)

Adi Crazy said...

Where are you??