Monday, February 23, 2009

More about me..

I usually am the scrape goat when it comes to taking anybody’s case for my friends. And since I am not going to tell exactly what I was told, I’ve slightly tweaked the conversation to my advantage..

Reasons why any guy would love to have me in his life:

- I don’t cling.
- I love my space, my time alone with my friends minus THE guy. (Am sure any guy would understand that).
- I am commitment phobic to quite an extent.
- I don’t like mush.
- I like romance minus the frills, for me the “thought counts” more!!
- It is extremely difficult for me to express emotions.
- I don’t mind a person who drinks and smokes, imagine escaping the nag who would constantly breathe on your neck to do this or not to do that.
- I don’t crave attention.

I know this post totally lacks any sense of modesty but hey, what the heck!! Am writing after ages and I deserve it...


~ ॐ ~ said...

Unfortunately I do not agree with you !

"any" guy is not true for sure !


- some guys like mush... some like it more some like it less and the ones who claim to hate it are lying

- romance with frills is another thing that guys would like but i am not sure why don't agree to liking it once in a while !

- if you are not expressive about what you feel, how do you think sustainability in a relationship can be maintained? I personally feel that expression is important..

having said that... I think these claims change basis the kind of person you have around you !

ani said...

:)))we lead parallel lives!!! the man in my life adores me for precisely these reasons! infact we don;t fight much.. so sometimes over the phone its like "hey! lets fight!!" and the reaction i give is "i will need to act like a true n complete girl!!!" He responds to that with "shit!! chuck it!"

:D hee hee! i am planning delhi in may again! u had better meet me this time!!!

Sangfroid said...

Nobody is perfect ... but I like you :-)

J said...

Well you should change any guy to some guys.

Either ways, you do seem to score many a good marks in this list ;) And nice to see an update from you after a very long time.

Sam said...

Om, I guess you are right but thats the usual norm I see men going by.. Probbaly they should be more communicative of how ther really are to make us clear of the misconception.. :)

Ani, Am soooooo glad that there IS someone who is like me.. and am sure your man and you make a great couple, it so reflects when you talk (write) about him and I think thats the way it should be!! :)
I promise I'll be around this time when you come over, will be fun meeting you.. :D

Sangfroid, The feeling is mutual!! :)

J, I agree, my mistake!! :) And its good to be back after a long time.. :)

~ ॐ ~ said...

what can i say... you have just met the wrong men !!!


wacko said...

do you like foreplay?

J said...

lol@ Wacko's comment.

akanksha said...

Quite interesting stuff out there!
I don't doubt that all the guys would fall for you, nce you make them read this!
Welcome Back!

Sam said...

Om, Probably and the number is sepressing!! ;)

Wacko, Trust you for a comment like this!! ;) Though am curious about the realtion of your question to the post..

J, Me too!! :)

Akanksha, Really, you think so?? Do the honours for me, will you please.. ;)

wacko said...

well, need I say more? Points 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 were shouting and asking me to ask you that question. I was curious too. You still haven't answered me though.