Friday, December 04, 2009

Praying hard..

Its so frustrating and I am so tensed..
The worst is that I can do nothing about it,
Just wait and pray..
And hope that it will all be fine.


geet said...


Sangfroid said...

Were your prayers answered?
Hoping that they were!

Having said that I don't quite like the helpless part :-|

ani said...

>--------:)-------< super jumbo hugs sweetie!

J said...

Waiting waiting waiting.. at times that's all we can do. Hope the clouds pass away.

Amrita said...

i dont pray usually.. generally..
but when things get really clueless..
thats all we have in our powers...
to pray.
with all our might and faith.

Sam said...

Geet, :) thanks..

Sangfroid, They were and at times you can't be anything but helpless..

Ani, :D Thanks soooo much..

J, They did.. :D

Amrita, On the contrary, I am a firm believer and usually, He up there listens.. :D

Impressionist said...

All we need is hope! :)
Im sure ur prayers will be answered soon! :)

btw Im doing great, I had stopped writing for a while now. infact for sometime I thought I had lost it all! :D but Im back. I hope things are turning out well for u too! :)
take care


Amrita said...

oh my. thats really cool. you're turning me into a believer with all that faith :) <3 me likey!!

Amrita said...

well, hello there, elder sister, miss elinor dashwood :D :D

Sam said...

Rajeev, They were.. :) And you stick around this time.. :D

Amrita, I am glad that you've turned into one or is it sarcasm I hear.. ;)
Elder and sensible, mind it Miss Marianne Dashwood.. ;)