Monday, December 14, 2009

Seeping pessimism..

Its all haphazard in my head and I feel like penning it all down. The details are not possible, neither do I feel like elaborating on one particular thing so I'll do with the bits..

- I am reading Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger and I don't like it as much as The Time Traveller's Wife. However, there are certain parts I could relate myself to.
- Its so strange to lose feeling for someone, it stresses the other person out and you don't have an explanation to provide.
- I don't like to talk much when once I could elaborate on things that were totally inconsequential. I think it tires me out and I even feel guilty about wasting words.
- There are so many words I can't pronounce right and lately I refrain from using any new one for the fear of saying them wrong. If I continue like this, I think I'll just stop talking.
- Yesterday night while reading, I realised what a complicated feeling love is and there are so many forms of it that I can just feel and not explain, even to myself at times.
- The highlight of my week was that I went clubbing Saturday night and it was fun after ages. For once I got sloshed after four Cosmopolitans, and did not feel giddy. I also ended up singing at the top of my voice and I totally blame it on the awesome music they play there.
- I think dancing makes a person look sexy(ier). There was this really plain looking girl at the club with an equally plain looking guy but when they entered the dance floor they underwent a transformation. It was as if someone was pulling stings to make them dance, there was so much harmony in their performance and yet it didn't look rehearsed.
- I am torn between the urge of going home but staying back. I want to meet my parents but every time I go, something happens that totally mars my trip.
- I feel like quiting my job, grabbing a dozen books and sitting in the Sun and reading. I did that last year and I miss it right now.
- I don't ask questions and people take it otherwise if they don't know me well enough. I don't bother giving explanations..

A long post this one was and I am bored of writing it, I'll just stop.

P.S: Its easier writing than talking.


mêlée said...

for a change a LONG post and i like it (this isn't part of the change:))
bits i like coz i an relate to, bits coz the way its expressed
and yes while talking to some ppl sometimes is tough, talking to oneself can be fun :)
take care!

J said...

After all the little posts, this one is cool.

P.S: Loved the last point.

Sangfroid said...

Echo with most of the bits!

So, you've given up on the thought of marrying for the reasons you mentioned earlier .. :-P

Cheer Up!

geet said...

'going home' feeling is almost same here!

ani said...

yeah lets just quit and go a swinging!! personally having a slow period at work.. feels weirrrrrrddd!!! :D :D

nonetheles.. >---:)---<

Sam said...

Melee, Thanks for being patient enough and reading it all.. and am glad that you could realte..

J, Its got quite a few last points, which one are you reffering to..

Sangfroid, I have for the time being, till the next bout of melancholy/ boredom hits..

Geet, Go then.. :) And why can't I read your blog? :(

Ani, I am game, "anitime"!! Post Ani post.. ;)

wacko said...

dancing definitely makes a person look sexier AND hotter. I've had that experience so I can totally relate to it. I am not a book reading person so I can't really relate to all the love stuff. But, yeah I feel love tends to suck and rock at times. You can't really help it. As far as homecoming is concerned, I THINK I am excited to go back to India this time but I know I'll just get over it after like 3-4 days. I don't know. I hope not. Lets see. Take care of yourself.

Sam said...

Wacko, I am sure you'll have fun in India though the excitement may die down after a while, happens to all of us.. You too take care. :)

Pointblank said...

Sure... it is easier writing...I was away from thje blocking scene and looks like u were also away..anyways, a smart post..I need to learn the art of squeezing many things in one post... and I like that thing about... complicated it sure is...

Sam said...

Pointblank, Hey, good to see you back but I wasn't quite away.. Anyways, thanks and see more of you.. :)

workhard said...

Thats a very honest have penned down a lot of your inner feelings... Thats Great...

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