Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And so I don't stop...

Its 9:30am in the morning and I am loaded with work. Yet, I have this sudden urge to write so I decide to keep my work aside and post a blog!!

Just went through a friend’s writings and realized that compared to hers, my postings are pretty sad…

- My English is too basic.
- My thoughts too repetitive.
- There’s hardly anything “that” exciting happening in my life.
- The blog seems to lack essence, spirit!!
- There is no signature style in my writing… or is there? Need help on this one from those few wonderful souls who go through my postings.
- Does what I do/feel/write matters to anyone?? Do I care? On this one I’d say: “Yes I do; evidence: this post!!

Inspite of the above, I don’t know how to improve so I shall continue what I enjoy doing without trying to bother whats thought of it all…


Sangfroid said...

Sad ?? u wrote a "Happy Me" post recently!!

I am no critic but i like your writings. Remember my post where all i could do was write a title.

If it were you, you would have poured your heart out. Correct me if I am wrong and keep posting!!

Btw, when are you adding a blogroll :-)

Sam said...

@sangfroid: "sad" implies to not sad-sad but a bit on the borig side!! And hey, thanks for dropping in, it sure gives me loads of encouragement!! :)

Shraddha Manvi said...

It's actually strange that the first thing I read on ur blog was this post. :P

I have no idea what's ur signature style and all but I can tell from this post that ur really sweet. :)

So keep writing and as u rightly said, continue doing what u enjoy without trying to bother what's thought of it all.

Anonymous said...

what u wirte is just too true and from heart. signature won't do any wonder to this innocence!!!
keep this spirit going !!

Sam said...

@ anonymous: Thanks for dropping by.. Will keep you sugesstion in mind!! Ciao ;)