Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Me.. . :)

Am done for the day and thinking about what I've achieved today, I would say: zilch, nothing!! And yet, surprisingly, I had a good day...

- My boss is out of town so there is nobody to stand on my head 24/7.

- My classmate has joined my office, although a different department, so there is at least someone to go out for lunch with.

- Discovered that I had about 1000 bucks in my account. It took me out of my condition of bankruptcy (as predicted earlier, thanks Tommy!! :P) and now I wouldn’t have to use my dad's card (he wouldn’t mind though)... Yippee!! ;)

- Came across the availability of the DVDs of this 80's show called "Wonder Years". Have been looking for it since ages, a must buy.

- Got another 1500 bucks as my office took pity on my current condition and reimbursed my long stuck phone bill. (Shit, am obsessed with money, guess I've never been in this condition before, hence a lil tough, will get used to it if I keep up my rate of shopping and refusing to take dad's help!!)

- My footwear samples are due tomorrow (after a lot of bickering with the vendor): am keeping my fingers crossed though!!

This brings an end to a day well gone and now am ready for some good food and my drive back home... Cheers!!


Sangfroid said...

Boss is away!! Make hay while the sun shines :-)
2.5k for 5 days averages to 500 bucks a day ... hope ul manage ;-)

Sam said...

@sangfroid: My good luck!! Got a call y'day nite, he joins back the office today itself, hence its 8:40am and am here to greet him!!:P

- Things a tad brighter on the moni aspect tho, get my pay check on the 29th itself!! ;)

Sangfroid said...

Never mind, have a great day anyways!!

paycheck on 29th ... think of employee satisfaction :-)

ani said...

hey! first off: thanx for dropping by! :)

i really like ur space! i can relate to most of it sooo well! adding u to my blogroll! :)

ani said...

and yes... u seem to be having a nice run of luck with no boss and money flowing in! :D awwsum!

Sam said...

@ sangfroid: Probably the only two reasons am sticking to this place is: the kinda work am doing here is new and there's a lot to learn plus the brand name wouldn't look too bad on my resume; get my money on time!! ;)

@ ani: Glad that you liked it.. although my happiness was short lived: my boss is back in the office WITH a bad mood, weekend gone!! :(