Monday, July 09, 2007

Freedom to be!!

Life seems so simple and complicated all at once... On one hand I know what I want but I am not sure how badly I want it. There are times when I've had a very bad day, I want to quit everything (I do have that option!!), go home, get married, have about a hundred kids, spend my husband's money and die catering to their needs, with no essence of my individuality stamped anywhere...

And then this whole idea revolts me. I am a little too selfish not to think about myself, a little too ambitious to die without achieveing anything, too individualistic to go along with someone else's beliefs and too proud to survive not on my own money!! So I choose freedom, freedom to be myself, to live life on my own terms, to enjoy it, to have no regrets when its time to say tata... Thus my stuggle continues, the fight with all the horrible days of my life and see them through, all for my FREEDOM!!


Sangfroid said...

100 kids ... whoa!!

Have u heard of quarter-life crisis :-)

Sangfroid said...

hmm .. forgot 2 add a smiley after line 1 like this :-D

Here the thingy -

sangfroid said...

"I want to quit everything"
"live life on my own terms"
"no essence of my individuality"
"too individualistic"

were some pointers!

Apparently, I too share some (not all) of the emotions and so do many more young folks :-).
I attribute it to QLC which offers me solace that there is nothing wrong in having this little turmoil.

Thought you mite too but apparently that is not the case :-p

mad hatter said...

time for me to say...i can hear echoes dear..i can hear echoes of my voice... thanks for putting things into words for me...!! :D