Saturday, July 21, 2007

Its all YELLOW!! ;)

My last visit to Kolkata sucked... I mean, the day I landed, I came down with high temperature and working in those humid conditions was an ordeal in itself.

However, on my way to the city from the airport, I noticed that Kolkata had a colour to it: YELLOW!! Yeh right, every 2 minutes you would encounter that brightest of hues: the cabs, billboards, buildings, buses, clothes, plastic on construction sites, even the food had this extra bit of turmeric!!

Though I couldn't click all that I would have liked to, here are a few pieces of that YELLOW evidence I spotted there...


Sangfroid said...

Interesting observation :-)

U must have spotted men pulling rickshaws as well ... I have never been to Calcutta but heard that it is the norm even today :-O

Sam said...

@ sangfroid: Yeh, the trend exists even today although I would NEVER sit on one, its inhuman!! :(

Sangfroid said...

Cant agree more!
its inhuman/non-nonsensical ... just tooo bad :-|