Monday, January 07, 2008

Between them and me..

Lately I’ve been going through posts which repeatedly clarify how much the authors love their parents, friends, spouses.. No offense to them but initially I thought that it was quite sweet of them to do that but gradually when the pattern repeated itself I was forced to think otherwise. I don’t understand if they are trying to convince themselves or the world of their affection towards the loved ones..

I perceive these things in a different light altogether. For me, the people I love are taken for granted. It sounds pretty crude but then I feel all the things that are really important to us like sunshine or air are there for us all the time. We don’t get up every morning and say “thank God there’s sun today” because we know that we can rely on it to come out each day.

Likewise, I don’t tell my parents/ family/ friends how much I love them all the time because they are my family and friends and they’d better be there!! I usually let my actions do most of the talking, a big hug, a tiny peck, its usually gestures and actions for me.. Probably am not a very vocal person and don’t express myself explicitly but I know that they know and I guess that’s what eventually matters..

Anyhow, its to each his own!!


Anonymous said...

Baby..u got it complicated..I believe one shd speak up his/her love n express it..actins dont speak all the time..u shd let ppl works for thn as u each, his own. what eventually matters is one shd be happy!!

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

i totally agree with you... to each his own i guess... some people are more vocal while others chose to punctuate their feelings with actions... in the end, its their call...

J E E V Y said...

Well, like they say.
Actions speak louder than words.
ur right, but at the end of the day ur love towards them is all matters.
It doesn't really matter in which way! :)
nice post!


J E E V Y said...

oh btw i updated my blog again! :)

ani said...

~ biiiiiii....g hug! :)

Sangfroid said...

hmm ... it is between u n 'em :-)

The bottom-line is that the message must be conveyed and re-iterated. Actions or words!

Sam said...

Anon, got it!! ;)

Bubbles, Thats exactly waht I believe in too..

Jeevy, Thanks!! :)
Checked your post, commented too!! ;)

Ani, Now "taht" says a ton!! :D A biiiiig one to you too.. ;)

Sangfroid, Bullseye!! :)

Ps said...

I think it is important to EXPRESS what you feel--as long you don't express so much that it annoys the other person.
Anyway, like u saidn--to each his own!

Pointblank said...

well, ur rite! each one to his own! nd I mite be one of those persons who expressed affection thru my blog. u said no offence meant, so no offence taken here! yea then again, te sun wouldn read ur blog even if u thank it, but ur loved ones will! its another thing tat my loved one has not read it yet n will probbaly never will. but tatz besides the point!

Sam said...

Ps, Yeh, you are right, its "expressing" thats important, be it through a gesture or a word.. :)

Pointblank, Hey, I totally didn't mean it to be you, you wrote a post for your sister, "just for her"..What I was refering to was putting down names of loved ones for the heck of it, "without" any realtion to the subject of the post itself..
Please don't take any offense, and am sorry if I hurt you any ways..

J said...

As long as it's straight from the heart and sincere, anything is fine.

SwAThi.... said...

I agree with J ...wel just checked out ur blog...liked it ....

Sam said...

frankly.. u really can't dictate terms on this one.. some really like to say it our loud everytime.. some just choose to stay quiet... never mind... at the end it is important that the the person on the other end knws that you really do love him'her.. doesn't matter how u get it across.. in this case, the means justify the end i guess!!!!

Shraddha Manvi said...

I would agree with you. Actions speak louder than words. :-)

umangexuberance said...

well.. of course as they say "actions speak louder than words".. but in my opinion..sometimes words do matter.. just saying something as simple as
"i love you" once in a while can make someone's day.. yes a hug can do the same.. but then its different people different ways of expression :)

by the way... a very happy new year form the queen bee :)
spread the buzz!! :D

take care
#umang# :)

J said...

Googled a bit about the wilderness years. Looks like there's a lot to catch up on that.

So how's the weekend been.

Hershey Desai said...

some people prefer to say it with words, some with a hug.

What annoys me is why do they tell it on the blogs?

" Oh I love my parents so much".
Yea so? Go tell them. Why tell me? You want me to love your parents too or something?


blog world is filled with weird people.
I just keep an eye out for the weirdest yet normal ones...

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