Monday, January 21, 2008

Wearing six yards something..

With my brother’s marriage approaching and I being the only unmarried/ un-engaged female in the family, get more than required attention from my parents and relatives. Right now the latest hue and cry is what I’d be wearing for the “D Day”…

After a lot of discussions, arguments and fights, the junta came to a common conclusion that a sari would be the ideal choice. I was duely called home for the weekend and taken all over the city to pick what I liked. Finally when we had all given up, we went to this last boutique where I found exactly that I wanted. It was a whitish-silverish thing that caught my attention right away.

Now the guy draped the sari on me. The end was tucked, the pleats folded and secured with a belt. The loose end was draped perfectly on my shoulder and I felt transformed. I thought I’d be all clumsy and funny, (considering the fact that I never wear a salwaar kameez, let alone a sari) but nothing like that happened. I felt more mature, more in command and unfortunately a little older too. The funny, confused kid had suddenly vanished and what I saw in the mirror was a new me.

There was a kind of adrenaline rush, a fear and I so wanted to cling on to my old self. Me, who couldn’t even carry a scarf properly and giggled at the stupidest of things was feeling all grown up. But I knew that something had changed, a change that though doesn’t come about by merely changing your clothes but probably by the way you begin to view yourself, with a different perspective, a different way..


J said...

Well well well.. one of those life changing moments.

Put your best foot forward at the wedding, who knows what's in store next ;)

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

my dad says that the first time i came back home after being away at college for almost a year, he had to do a double take because i wasnt the little girl who had walked out the door... i found myself sitting on my bed that night, staring at the mirror, and yeah, i wasnt the little girl anymore... its scary... but its fun getting to know yourelf all over again...

anav said...

Nice...I know its a bit scary, but believe me its a lot of fun

bella said...

I hope we get to see pictures. I have been thinking of Idia a lot lately. I think I would love to visit someday. I think it started with the movie The Namesake. Go with the intention of having fun at the wedding and so it shall be :)

Sam said...

J, I will try putting my "best" foot forward, hoping it won't get stuck in the sari and it being my "last" foot.. ;)

Bubbles, I know what you mean but somehow I was unaware of these changes before now!!

Anav, Wearing those six yards is fun for "you"?? ;)

Bella, I can't promise about the pictures but I can promise to show you around Delhi when you do visit and you must. Am glad that Mira Nair made such a movie that invokes the kind of curosity for people to visit India. Its a beautiful, one of a kind place, one you must see, reading about it isn't enough!! :)

anav said...

Its not the six yards...but the mature feeling, the transformation..ul enjoy it..

ani said...

:) I remember the first time I wore my six yards!!! N then I remember the 1st time I draped my six yards perfectly on my own!!! :) As of today.. I love the feeling of elegance and grace it gives me each time I wrap it around me!

~happy transformation sweets! :)

J said...

hahahaha... if that happens, who knows a knight in shining armour might just be around to help you get back on your feet ;)

umangexuberance said...

ahaaaan saari
sai h sam
I have also never been much of a salwar kameez person but the sari.. well thats something i fell in love with at the age of two :D
seriously, its the most graceful garment i know.. though i have only worn it four times in my life.. nd am still no expert at walking in it
i hope you fall in love with it too :)

J E E V Y said...

Well, What can I say!
It just means that ur time has come! ;) The true beauty of a woman can only be seen in a saree.(NO PUN INTENDED)
m sure u wud look Elegant in a saree too! :) I wonder how many guys wud be floored durin the wedding! ;)
hehe! :D


Sam said...

Anav, I know..was just kidding!! :)

Ani, You can wear it yourself?? And thanks sweetie.. ;)

J, Lols..Now I wish for the sari "to" get stuck, provided there is my knight in shing armour extremly close by!! ;)(Pray for me!!;))

Umang, I know, its such a graceful thing and you feel in awe after wearing it..and I hope I too can look graceful in it instead of all clumsy!! :)

Jeevy, Haha..I never even considerd the "pun" until I read your "no pun intended"!! And how I wish what you say comes true..guys floored..hahaaa..

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

hmm *smile*, nicely expressed.

but um, this is the first time you're wearin a sari eh? graduation and all?

Shruti said...

oh.. :-S This is scary.. I've never worn a sari myself.. hope I dont get into that kinda feel too. Saris are uncomfortable, aren't they?

Sangfroid said...

IMHO, those six yards are the best chance a female has to gettin sexier ;-)

btw, dont tell me u dint wear a saree in the farewells (X/XII or college)

Also, there is hardly nething unfortunate in getting older. Relish it ... Easier said than done, i know :-P

Sam said...

Busy Writer, Thanks.. :) Yeh kinda, the last I wore was whn I was in standard 5 for my cousins wedding. My parents got a small one made, specially for me!! ;)

Shruti, I think so too, but the way they make you feel is worth it.. :)

Sangfroid, "A sari is the best chance a female has got to look sexier" keeping my fingers crossed!! ;)
Getting old..hmm..yeh..okie..

diyadear said...

hey sam,
thanks for visiting.. So u a GMAT victim too?? If so wud love to get some tips from u..
And enjoy the wedding!!

diyadear said...

hey sam,

thanks for visiting me.Are you a GMAT victim too/ IF so would love to share some experiences..
And rock the wedding!!

Shraddha Manvi said...

Wow!! A whitish-silverish sari! I have no doubts you must be looking elegant and that you started viewing yourself differently. Good luck for your bro's wedding. :-)

MeMyself_n_I said...

the sari sounds brilliant. saris are gorgeous things aren't they?
and hmm, so does this mean you're all grown-up now?
btw, knock em dead at the weddding girl.

J E E V Y said...

It will! ;)
Im sure! :D hehe! :P