Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Growing old..

A conversation with G on his Birthday..

Me: Hey, Happy Birthday..
G: Thanks!!
Me: So whats happening?? What’ll you be doing??
G: Nothing much, will probably go out with family..
Me: Why, what happened to A, S and the rest of your friends??
G: Thay are all busy..
Me: Hmm.. Don’t worry you treat me when I come home..
G: Sure..
Me: So who else called??
G: Nobody really, just you and R..
Me: Ohhh..
G: Tell me something Sam, why do the number of calls on your Birthday decrease as you grow older??
Me: Hmm..

It was a normal Birthday kinda conversation and then suddenly with one line it changed into something else.. I began pondering on why the number of calls gradually declined once we grew older because as you grow old, you come across more people, increase your social circle.. You make some friends and lose a few but more or less its balanced..

Couldn’t figure that one out!!


J said...

Hmm quite an interesting question to ponder upon and quite a lot of truth there is to it.

Sigh!! I pretty much go underground and drown myself in champagne whenever it's 'that' time of the year with my phone switched off. Guess I can't complain much on this :P

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

that's a very interesting question... i dont even like celebrating birthdays so the phone's always switched off...

Sangfroid said...

hmm .... not really i'll say.

but on 2nd thoughts, it may be attributed to sms',orkut scraps n the likes!

wot say ?

J E E V Y said...

Now that got me thinking
*scratching head*


Pointblank said...

well... unfortunately when u grow older u get married n have ur 'own' family. Then, friends take a back seat. U get busier wih life n u forget imp dates :(

Sam said...

J, You go underground?? Hmm..well I do it with only my family..

Bubbles, Well I don't, infact NEVER switch off my phone.. I love talking to my family and friends,, sounds cliche but the fact remains..

Sangfroid, Lucky you!! And thats a definite logic, "orkuting and its likes"..hmmm well said.. :)

Jeevy, Think fast!! ;)

Pointblank, But then you "always" do have a family.. and right now I don't think any of us have family ties that stop us from making that single phone call.. but yeh, there would probably be more important things.. :(

J said...

You mean you go underground with your family??? You mean you take them along with you?? :O :O Wow!!!

ani said...

because life tends to gain a certain kind of 'stability' wherein you can fig out the constants and the changes that come across you! :)

umangexuberance said...

hmm.. may be its because as we grow older, people get so busy in their lives.. what with jobs, responsibilities, tensions.. people get forgetful and things like b'days just lose their importance..
but its very sad.. i hope it doesn't happen with me.. i get soooooooo excited about my budday and love to be wished and surprised.. in fact my budday is coming and i have even put up a post about how crazy i am.. lol

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

hmm, probably because birthdays start to lose the importance they held before and they tend to become like just another day!

p.s-uh, my bday's always right in the middle of my finals.. so i've never really felt ny different EVER on my bday! to think of it now, saaad. dontcha think?