Friday, January 04, 2008

Feeling good..

Winters always remind me of books, movies, everything larger than life, everything beautiful..

I drive down to work and often find myself imagining empty roads, good music and that beautiful white mist all around..Or when the work gets too hectic and life a little too confusing, I picture myself all curled up in a bean bag with a good book and hot tea..Walking down the road on a chilly morning with breeze on the face..thinking a zillion times before pouring that mug of water on my head..that hot water bottle on my feet..that accentuated smell of flowers in my room..

Winters do this to me..they rejuvenate me, make me happy about life and give me the strength to believe in the phrase: "All will be good"..



J said...

I love winters too. No wonder they call me a cold person.

Wish the weather was like this through the year... Sigh!!

ani said...

and in the depth of winter we find in ourselves an invincible summer..! :)

J E E V Y said...

Wet the ground
And Grey the sky
World, be glad, rejoice
For the spring is nigh


Ps said...

Bean bag, a good book and hot tea.You just described my idea of paradise :-)
Happy happy new year.
And thanks for stopping by.

J said...

Afghanistan!! Lol.. thanks, didn't notice that.

Sangfroid said...

"empty roads, good music and that beautiful white mist" ... aha :-D

btw, what does summer do to u ;-)

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

i love winters more than any other season... i love that the wind is playful, that the sun is mellow and that the buildings, trees and streets are covered in snow...

Anonymous said...

i guess winters make us contract and recede into ourselves. Warm New Year wishes! or maybe i should say cold new year wishes ;)

Sam said...

J, Yeh, I wish that too!! ;)!! :D

Ani, WOW!!Perfectly said.. :)

Jeevy, Poetry is sure your forte!! :)

PS, Yeh, paradise could be so withing our reach, never thought so!! :)

Sangfroid, "aha..winters" thaths what I was about to title this blog as, changed my mind last minute!! ;)
Summers have an entirely opposite effect on a winters person!! ;)

Bubbles, Well said sweetie.. :)

Sreejith, Do they?? To me, they give me joy!! And thanks for the "cold winter wishes"!! ;)

Pointblank said...

oh yeah! simply cuddling on bed, looking outside te window, with a huge mug of hot CHOCOLATE! and a bag of piping hot french fries! Awesome!

Shruti said...

Somehow.. winters remind me of beds and blankets ;) and yes.. treks!

umangexuberance said...

nobody could have summed up the beauty of winter more beautifully
lovely... i could almost taste the hot tea and smell that musty smell of an old book.. that freezing breath of mist in the air aaah love it
great post sam
take care