Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Am I getting weird??

These days I find myself praying for Mr.Bully's (read my boss) happiness because he has the ability to screw up mine...


J said...

Someone's changed their template huh??

Hmm, my present boss is sort of tolerable, but I do rem my previous boss who would often get into his PMS sorta state and all hell would break loose.

Yep yep.. here's hoping that your boss stays happy :P

Shruti said...

yes you are! U know it when u wish him good.. oh where are all the troublesome-boss eating worms!?

Pointblank said...

Lol! a happy boss would mean a happy u!

mad hatter said...

well..we thought of this one to lose some of the people we didnt want working with us.. take(hunt down) their cv's and forward them on to other companies...they will find another job and go away..leaving "U" in peace. :D

Sam said...

J, Yeh, I did, found it a lttle dark and gloomy, totally unlike me.. I know, these bosses go into tht PMS mode and become totally incorrigible.. Had a bad one with my boss today and now I so want to screw his happiness, am ready for the repercussions.. :P

Shruti, You were so right, realised it today!!

Pointblank, Was hoping for that, but now I'd sacrifice my happiness to screw his..

Mad hatter, Good idea, I'll begin to work on it!! ;)

Impressionist said...

lol! Im sorry for u! :P
Good that I havent started working yet! :P


Sangfroid said...

that's weird but guess u've got back to the normal 'boss-hating' self :-P

Jyoti said...

Well, full for job is
Just Obey the keep rocking!

Mez said...

Hey Sam,

I have a Bloggerville Crush Confession post on my blog for which ppl are dedicating mssgs to their crushes.

Someone has left an anonymous mssg for u which goes like:

This one is for Sam from

Should catch up with her samtime ;)
U can have a look at it in the comments section of my latest post titled as Bloggerville Crush Confessions. U can reply to his/her mssg on my post itself.

- Mez (owner of the blog)

Sam said...

Impressionist, Good for you!! :)

Sangfroid,I have, with vengeance.. ;)

Jyoti, I know!! :)

Mez, Thanks, that was very sweet.. :)