Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Past two days have been kinda crazy for me. I commute a distance of 5 kilometers on a cycle rickshaw, all thanks to the accident I had on Friday evening. A truck rammed into the front of my car, completely destroying the bumper, lights and the grill. So now, all credit to the awesome Gurgaon infrastructure, it takes me 45 minutes to cover a distance of 10 minutes.

Its freezing cold outside at 8:15 am (yes, that’s when I leave my home) and I have to wrap myself from head to toe before I set a foot outside. I than need to walk for about 10 minutes before I finally manage to get a rick. Once on board, I am free to look around and observe but I can’t do that either for its all dusty and your eyes are at constant threat if you dare to open them before you reach the destination. Anyhow, I do manage to squint a bit and witness people doing funny things while they halt at the red light. I see people picking their nose, combing their hair, checking themselves in the rare view mirror, applying lipstick, shouting on somebody over the phone or singing loudly along with FM in their cars and I smile..

I wonder how many of my such idiosyncrasies have been witnessed by others.. Have they seen me eating my breakfast while waiting for the light to turn green or applying lip balm that I frequently do or enjoying that piece of chocolate I have secretly hidden in my car or shouting abusives at a fellow careless driver..

Also on my rickshaw ride I feel the wind on my face, direct and so harsh that it manages to water my semi-opened eyes and yet I feel refreshed by it. I realize the worth of my car when I miss the hot air blowing at my feet from the blower and think how I would not have “really” enjoyed the winters without this experience..

I crib, I observe, I smile and I also laugh thinking of my Dad’s comment when I told him about my accident “ The world is certainly a safer place to live in with your car in the garage!!”


ani said...

nutso!!!! howz u doin?

Sangfroid said...

Firstly, hope u came unscathed in the accident!
Secondly, this post makes me want to come to NCR to experience the chill ... it has been long :-|
And last but not the least, people watching at traffic signals is something I do too ... it is quite funny :-)

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

i hope u didnt suffer any damages in d accident... n i love rickshaws!!! (*especially* now tat i dont hv 2 deal with dem on a daily basis since im in pune - i've only evr seen em in west bengal, delhi n assam [:O])

wishin ur car a speedy recovery...

J said...

Ooppss.. so Gurgaon is relatively safe until your car returns :D

Interesting observations you make there.

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Aww, hope you're completely alright soon. :)

tc! :)

Sam said...

Ani, ;) Am perfectly alright!! Thanks sweetie.. :D

Sangfroid, Well I did manage to remain completely unscathed though was in a stae of shock seeing my car in that condition..;) You must come to Gurgaon, its bone chilling cold but very nice..And yeh,I too love observing people at the traffic signals, it helps you not to crib about the traffic..

Bubbles, Am ok!! :)Come to Gurgaon, ricks are virtually the only way of safe communication here.. ;)

J, Thats what my Dad says, as per me, am an A class driver!! ;)

Busy Writer, I am.. thanks!! :)

MeMyself_n_I said...

hey hope you're doing alright.

and aargh i hate rickshaw rides during early winter mrnings. *brrr..*

Adi Crazy said...

hey! did dream about this post and commenting on it or you just didnt moderate the comment?

Adi Crazy said...

Man! u dont have comment moderation!! Then where did my looong comment go Sam???
Anyway, here's my reaction to the post in short -
Gurgaon is crazy. Traffic in Gurgaon is worse. This weekend me and my roomi were coming to Gurgaon frm Delhi when a truck gave ou car a nasty dent right on the Bristol circle. Bad!

hehehe...have fun while u are out.
And BTW, when will the cold go??? It is freezing here, isnt it?

umangexuberance said...

I hope you are ok.. my sympathies about the cold.. but then as u must be finding out for yourself.. the rikshaw experience is an experience in itself.. enjoy it :)

Impressionist said...

I hope ur alrite?


Pointblank said...

hey... sorry bout the accident1 hope u got outta it unscathed! post was lovely n refreshing!

Solitaire said...

Accidents!! Ugh. But seems like you are learning something from it.

Sam said...

Adi, Now where did that comment go?? ;) The cold's gone!! :( And Gurgaon traffic sucks, who would understand better..

Umang, Thanks..but got my car back!! :)

Impressionist, I am, thanks.. :)

Pointblank, I am and am glad that you liked the post.. :)

Solitaire, I definately learnt quite a bit there!! ;)