Monday, February 25, 2008

Saturday night..

Breaking monotony, having fun, Absolut, chips, crackers, smoke, good old days, music, laughter, insights, confessions, crying, sadness, keeping the volume low, three roomies, comfort, hesitations, going back in time, malice, cribbing, bonding, warmth, phone, conversations, depth, joy, stories of new found love, giggles, questions..

And that's how that Saturday ended, or Sunday began!!


Impressionist said...

Thats a fine way to start the weekend or rather ur sunday!

seems u had a wonderful weekend! ;)


J said...

good good.. it's nice to bring a change to the routine once in a while.

Pointblank said...


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

nice nice. one cute start! :)

Sangfroid said...

'Absolut' ... fabulous :-D

Sam said...

Impressionist, Yeh, it was fun!! :)

J, Yep, that it is..

Pointblank, :D

Busywriter, Isn't it!! :)

Sangfroid, Lols.. rito!! ;)

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

blogs bk... :)

Manny said...

Surprise surprise...You did good saintly stuff on saturday.

there was always a little saint inside the outer devil.

Impressionist said...

u too changed ur template for a white one! :D
good, I too did! :P
lol! smart people think alike! ;)


Sam said...

Bubbles, Yay!! ;)

Manny, I know.. :D

Impressionist, Yeh found the other one too dark, totally unlike me so changed it!! :)
And yeh smart people do think alike..

Solitaire said...

You are blessed with great roomies, I believe. Makes life easier. Unlike mine.

Sam said...

Solitaire, I know, its wonderful to come back home to like minded people.. I've been through the grind of staying with people I detest and it sure sucks!!
Hang on, am sure you'll find someone as nice as you.. :)