Monday, June 09, 2008

The long and short of it..

- I suck at treks. I did pretty well climbing up and going down but the fatigue was beyond imagination. This in spite of that hour and a half regime I've been trying to follow.
- My tolerance level is much more than I thought. The bathing area near the Temple was beyond dirty/gross, I managed to take that bath and not crib.
- People have dual personalities, personal and professional For now I like my boss and I know tomorrow I'll get back to disliking him.
- I don't know how to fend off that guy without being mean.
- That sleep after one Combiflam was blissful, I think I connected with God.
- Its strange how that one person is the only one you want to see no matter how strongly you dislike him when you are totally lost in a strange place. I couldn't control my emotions after I saw my boss after almost two hours of being lost.
- Some people inspire faith just by their mere presence.
- I am lucky, I've people who love me, I realised that on my birthday.
- My birthday/trip from which I had zilch expectations was very good.
- I need to exercise more.


~ ॐ ~ said...



J said...

Nice bunch of updates there.

You forgot to mention that one bit.. wonder why :P

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

Tis not the boss. Tis men. All of em are like that. Dual personalities.

ah, wish both of em were adorable. well, maybe then there would be no spice. ugh..did i just sound like I have a dual personality? :O


Adi Crazy said...

Birthday??? whennnnnn???

Trek? I Backed out form one in flat 30 sec, so tell me about it.

Tell the guy your ex is in gurgaon jail for a murder charge...he still loves you and hopes to get back soon, but u need to get out of him. Ask him to help...


Anonymous said...

i loved combiflam too! till it sorta messed me upl..err..ok..BAD history
and fending off guys comes naturally to women (trust me..i know ;-)...especially to the cute ones!)



geet said...

combiflam..why headache???

and you went to trek? amazing(was this trek in kerala)..assuming with your bathing exp :P

fat loose tip: dont eat rice in the night.then u are on the track

Sam said...

Om, Yep!! ;)

J, What bit are you talking about??

Busywriter, Lol, I think men say that for we women!! :)

Adi, Birthday's long gone. Trek: you shouldn't have backed off, its worth trying!! :)The guy's been taken care of- complete ignorance is the key!! :D

Upec, I had combiflam because my limbs hurt so much that I couldn't sleep..

Geet, had combiflam for bodyache. The trek was in up north and believe me, I've been to Kerala, its much better than here!! :) And I don't eat rice at all so now tell me what do I do?? :(

Impressionist said...

I have never gone for treks! :D


Anonymous said...

dont get me wrong there!...i aint using it for anything other than muscular pain!! its just that it dsnt suit me body at times!

geet said...

drink more than 4 litres of water daily !!!
have u got this fat as an hereditary gift???