Friday, June 13, 2008

The undisclosed stuff..

This one’s a dicey tag: one that wants me to reveal secrets.. But as the trend goes, I’ll be slightly evasive like burf who tagged me. The list goes like this:

1.I envy people who’ve stayed in foreign countries on their own. I too want to do that just for a tiny bit of it.
2.I love my parents beyond anything.
3.I have a habit of touching my earlobe while sleeping.
4.At times I do not understand lyrics of a lot of English numbers.
5.My idea of romance includes candlelight and fragrance (and I claim not to be mushy).
6.I get embarrassed when a guy approaches me.
7.I can’t understand anything remotely concerning numbers.
8.I love wit.
9.Temptations are very difficult to let go of by me.
10.I think I’ve come this far by sheer luck and some honesty and I possess no real talent.

I think I revealed way too much than I intended to and like always, I do not pass this one to anybody. Please do it if you want to and I’d love to read it.


~ ॐ ~ said...

they don't looks like secrets honestly !!!!

And tushar was writing secrets? !!!! they did not look like secrets either !!!

Everyone is not doing the tag thing properly :P

Shruti said...

well evaded.. lol!
I've always loved doing and reading tags :D they're cute :) can we call this 'confessions'? Secrets are not meant to be told out anyway!

burf said...

4 - neither do me, but then i sometimes don't hear what the person on the other end of the line is saying either :D

Anonymous said...

ow man...they aint secrets!
but i do find the ear lobe thing pretty funny..!!
wud love to make fun of you on that one!!!
but will let it be for now ;-)

Vandita said...

Mann aka Bubbles' new post
she asked me to drop the link to everyone on her blogroll

Sam said...

Om, you're right, set an example for us by doing it right yourself.. ;)

Shruti, yeh, confessions does seem more appropriate!! :) Take up the tag girl. :D

Burf, What exactly do you imply by that?? :P

Upec, Thats why I don't go about telling it to everyone.. ;)

Vandita, Thanks!! :)

Adi Crazy said...

Damn! Now, let's get this straight Sam - ARE YOU ME?
This is insane, you are so like me...
(shocked look)

...and BTW, it is raining again in Gurgaon, what's wrong with it anyway?

J said...

I too join you in envying others who have lived abroad, cos right now I just can't seem to set my sights beyond the great Arabian sea.

And you haven't revealed anything missy.. tch tch tch!!

Sam said...

Adi, Am I?? ;) I know its been pouring here and I soo hate it without sunshine and all the messed up roads.. :(

J, Lol, be patient, you'll get there!! And don't call India stupid (I happen to be a little senstive on that issue!! :().

geet said...

you reveal common things babes..which we can get from your prev posts :D

well i am with you on #4... i google for the lyrics if i really wanna humm ...

Sangfroid said...

Why #6 :-P

Sam said...

Geet, I guess most of us do just that!! ;)

Sangfroid, Am a shy person!! :D