Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Varying definations.

"This was what happiness was- he'd never known it before; this melting away, this exhalation, your guts spilling into your head, filling your eyes- your mind transformed into your body, your body instinct with the joy in your mind, this sensation of reality having met its end." The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh.

I found this scribbled on a piece of paper I found deep within the pockets of my bag. And I remember jotting it down because it was one of the nicest ways I'd read love being described as. I seem to derive a new meaning out of it on every read.


Kenny said...

Well, i'll definitely that was one of the best ways i've read love being described.Amazing wonder you jotted them down.
And ur previous post was interesting read...even if no real secrets were revealed...and i've tried to do the tag. Myabe u can check it out sometime..

Adi Crazy said...

So true. Its heartbreaking, if you read it with a frame of mind like mine, but still beautiful and true.
I would have also written it down. This post has given me an idea about a new post. Thanks n hugsss! (:

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

hey nice blog...n yeah i did read a little of that book n i kinda agree with you ...
nyway nice writing
n chk out my blog when u can

J said...

melting away, guts spilling into your head filling your eyes, mind transformed...phew!!

You sure it's love or getting stoned??


utopia said...

i remember reading the book years back but i don't remember these lines but i quite liked the book. :-)

Sam said...

Kenny, :) I read your post and commented too. :D

Adi, Write that post NOW!! ;)

Harini, Thanks!! :) I sure will..

J, Aren't both the same, you loose your senses and do strange, silly things in both.. :)

Utopia, I liked it too.. :)