Monday, October 12, 2009


Currently I am into designing Dora the Explorer footwear and its more fun than I thought. Probably its all about imersing yourself completely into it than going by the preconcieved notion that you do not enjoy doing a particular thing. However, the whole thing of designing gets to me at times, deciding the colours, choosing materials and the worst of all, considering production parameters just doesn't seem to be my cup of tea. I feel restricted when I face printing limitations and when vague fantasies like adding animation to a footwear and not being able to do so occur to me.

Buying/ commercial side of things is more my thing.In my previous job, thats what I did, there was a strange adrenaline rush when every week I saw the sales figures coming in, where I'd go lengths to convince the sales people to sell the product of my category..

But then, this isn't so bad either though I hate it when I get these design blocks and I have to write unnessary posts like these to clear my head and make you read it..


Sangfroid said...

Seems really interesting work to me. Can I give some inputs?

I thought is was only a bloggers bloc you were down with but there is one more :-P

The good thing I see is you've gotten to do various aspects of the business.(this side-that side)

Hoping this post helps you clear your mind :-)


J said...

Seems like you are enjoying this change. Have fun.

So this explains your absence.

Amrita said...

wow, likes writer's block there is design block too? or u mean design block? not the designer's block?


Sam said...

Sangfroid, Your inputs are most welcome.. :)

J, It does..

Amrita, I don't know what it is.. I think its design block, I can think of designs on other characters minus Dora.. :(