Friday, October 16, 2009


It saddens me when I read something nice and do not mark/ write it somewhere out of laziness..
I also realise that writing, using pen/ paper is more fun and if I don't, I'll forget the very technique.


Amrita said...

i love writing with pen... and i make it a point to WRITE out all my notes/lists with pen n paper. i have fancy special books for my french and film notes :P

and about quotes from books. thats a sin, Sam! you've got to mark the quote, page number at least :P

I took Lady Chatterley's Lover book back to library yesterday. on my way I read a page or two, and thats when I felt like I wasn't ready to return the book yet, lol, so I brought it back home :P one of these days you'll see me uploading quotes from that book.

I've written a whole post in your comments :P

Sam said...

Amrita, I love to write too, though a pencil is more my medium.. My journal, lists, et all are written than typed on my notebook.. :)
Its been remedied, I am paying more attention now and marking the quotes. And I look forward to reading quotes on your space though I admit I may need explainations at times..
So here's a complete post to your comment..

Sangfroid said...

I prefer the non-pencil mode for convenience and quicker access :-|

My hand begins to pain if I've to write down something :-| And my teachers from school would get the shock of their lives if they happen to see my handwriting now :-D

Sam said...

Sangfroid, Thats what I meant about forgeting the technique.. ;)