Wednesday, October 21, 2009


There are times I read stuff that sucks me into strange bouts of melancholy. It makes me uneasy, numb but weirdly content. I don't feel like talking, sharing and also realise that I should stop reading or at least thinking about the subject but I can't help it.. its like being under the influence of a drug which though you know is not good for you, is impossible to let go.

My only hope is that I surface up elated and maybe just a little wiser.


Sangfroid said...

Addicted to ... ? :-)

I think you are missing my 55s, let me pen down one :-P

geet said...

it happened to me recently when i watched a gross movie 'the orphan'... i so much wanted to beat the hell out of that crappy psycho girl but couldnt !!! hmmpf

J said...

Yeh I call it one of those subtle reminders that kinda gives you a harsh reality check of sorts. This too shall pass, until the circle starts over again.

Sam said...

Sangfroid, :) How've you been??

Geet, Lols.. I know it drives me crazy too :)

J, Cynical, huh.. :)