Monday, October 26, 2009

Thats it..

Getting admission in a good school.
Scoring great marks, leading in sports.
Getting admission in a brilliant college.
Landing with a well paying job.
Purchasing a beautiful house and a big car.
Buying designer wear, jewellery, watches.
Giving education to your children in the best schools.

It all amounts to nothing. Underneath it all lies the basic emotion to be loved/ appreciated/ accepted, be it though making people accept you through your etiquites or through your money and power..

And the rest, its nothing..


Anonymous said...

Well said.

Shruti said...

Isn't that all that needs to be there? The feel of it all

Sangfroid said...

Ahem! Pretty much.

But why nothing, if not everything ... it is not nothing :-|

Sam said...

Anon, :)

Shruti, Yes, thats all thats needed.. :)

Sangfroid, You lost me.. :(

J said...

You speak the thoughts in my head.

I kinda learnt it the hard way. Yeh, the basic emotions form the foundation.

Upecmustang said...

its just living i guess. I mean, if i didn't exist? wouldn't have made a difference. If we die tomorrow, just a few emotions count. that's all.
"good life". as long as u think ur living great. rest of the world doesn't matter.

Sangfroid said...

Never mind. It was a vain effort to try and disagree.
But you know what, you are right.

ani said...

it has been long! :)

lets just say i'm either leaving the dream or so screwed up - and i'm still kinda figuring which extreme will lead to my equilibrium!

and that's what it's all about ain't it..? equilibrium?

Amrita said...

i m understanding it now.. jus starting to... and its funny that my folks.... my frds/family still dont get the point, and look at me weirdly if i try to tell such things to them :P

Sam said...

J, :) I guess all of us learn that in a hard way..

Upec, Correct!! :)

Sangfroid, I usually am.. ;)

Ani, You've been missed..

Amrita, Some things are not worth an explaination, you either get it or you don't..:)

ani said...

~ i plan to get better ummm... "soon".. ?! (looks around sheepishly!)

Sam said...

Ani, We'll be waiting.. :)