Wednesday, February 08, 2012

About being home..

I go home ever so often now. By home I imply my place (in my head I am thinking my parents place but dismiss the idea instinctively) in Lucknow that I’ve been raised in. I was born, bred and brought up in that house and resided there for 17 years before I left for another city, never again to be a permanent resident. I am supposed to know the place like the back of my hand, be familiar with what goes where and be the most comfortable there. I shouldn’t get bored with no one around or keep looking for my mother and following her like a pup all over the place. But I don’t. I do crave home but want to get back to my space after a while.

My mother has painstakingly made sure that nothing changes for me when I go home. My toothbrush still occupies the space in that ceramic basket in my parent’s bathroom (I’ve never used the one attached to my room till date), my towel is hung on the third hook behind the door like always and a closet full of clothes that I left behind when I moved out to study. She knows how these little things matter to me and give me that sense of warmth and familiarity and she has never let them change.

That day after staying home for a long time and flying back in the evening, I happened to comment how I was looking forward to going back “home” and relaxing. My mother who was helping me pack suddenly went quiet and the smile vanished. When she couldn’t refrain herself, she asked me in that hurt but trying to fix it up voice, “isn’t this home anymore?” and could have died then for that awful mistake I had made.

I think having lived alone has done this to me that I am never perfectly at ease apart from when I am not on my own. I hate it for a few days when I come back from home or being around a lot of people but with it there is also a relief as if something that had gone dormant is breathing again. At times I even miss my parents so much that I just fly home on a whim but I cannot see a perfect solution to my situation. I cannot figure out how I can I be with my parents and still get the solace that I find in my current surroundings.

Guess there is nothing like having your cake and eating it too..


Aneesha (ani / ahighandahalf) said...

i am very bugged about not being able to post a comment.. but what the heck - i will try again! so here goes.. :) you just summarized my life for me!! You must listen to the song 'Maximum City' by Allegro Fudge. and you know what... it is the rigmarole that is our balance!

Aneesha (ani / ahighandahalf) said...

yayy! so i can write my name and post! masssive hug!

Sam said...

Ani, This is serious!! I don't know why you aren't able to comment on my post.. :( And I did download the song, nice it is.. :)

We live parallel worlds, we do.. :D

akanksha said...

I completely understand what you mean. I am in exactly the same situation as you. I love living alone, I love m apartment, and I love my home too.

When I am here, I crave to go back home to those familiar surroundings, to mom and dad, just sitting there, doing nothing is such a bliss. But, once I am there, I wish to come back to my cute little apartment, even though there is no-one who is waiting for me here.

Sam said...

Akanksha, I know you know.. :)