Wednesday, February 22, 2012

As it was to be..

He’s been my best friend for as long as I can remember. One of the few who’ve lasted this long as clearly I am not an easy person to be with and definitely not good at keeping friends. I always mess up somehow and have nobody to blame but me.

I’ve been going to him with my problems/ joys and sorrows and he’s always known a solution. When there isn’t one, he says the exact words that I’ve wanted to hear at that point of time. I cannot say that what he’s told me is always in my favour but it is so factual that it makes perfect sense to me. There have been harsh words but the tone so straightforward and concern always genuine.

Lately our circumstances have changed. There are things and people that have tied him down and swayed the direction of our friendship. Now with certain issues he is less upfront and honestly, it hurts. He’s kept me grounded for the longest of time and lately I’ve felt my momentum quivering.

I know it is no fault of his, I realize he couldn’t have helped it and this situation is not what he too might be finding ideal but that’s a choice he’s had to make to get on with life. Knowing how he is, he will never crib or complain but just get on with it. And no matter how close we are, I will never go and speak to him about it beacuse even if he may want to, he cannot do much about it.

This is how it will remain and that’s how I will lose one of the most precious person in my life..


akanksha said...


Aneesha (ani / ahighandahalf) said...

get a grip woman!! sit him down and talk it out!!! who is this society who makes our most precious relationships sway in varied directions - directions we do not want. and if its a situation he is in then chin up girl - ur turn to stand in for him. nothing is lost as long as you want to find it!!

Sangfroid said...

Damn it :/
Link Ani says, please talk!

Sam said...

Akanksha, :(

Ani, I know that nothng can be done. Knowing how he is, it might ruin things further, a risk I am not willing to take.
And who says I wouldn't stand for him, like it or not, he's not getting rid of me.. :)

Sangfroid, Reasoned above..

Aneesha (ani / ahighandahalf) said...

hugggss! the force is with you!!

Sam said...

Ani, :)