Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A time to make changes..

I have often wondered what peace means and something that Ani wrote triggered it off. I guess peace is a relative term and while you might still be at peace after a big fight at work but a small personal issue may make you restless.

Let’s get more personal here, like always. When I question myself when I am at peace, there is just one answer that pops into my head, when I am happy in my personal life, when I am loved and cared for by the people I care about and then everything sets a patterns and things flow smoothly. It’s like a cycle: I am happy, I behave nice, get my work done nicely, don’t lose my temper and get more efficiency out of people.

And while writing above I realize how the central theme has been all about affection and being cared for. Though I don’t owe any explanation, I am not in love but I have realized that it’s all that matters. The thought was pretty surface level and now it seems to be seeping in, slowly and steadily and hopefully to stay..


Aneesha (ani / ahighandahalf) said...

what i do? what did i say? :) but ur right u know!!

Sam said...

Ani, :) You wrote a whole post on a similar theme, now go through your posts and find it out.. ;)

Aneesha (ani / ahighandahalf) said...

:) found it! and i still say everyone must watch kung fu panda!!!

Sam said...

Ani, Copy that.. :)